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Set yourself a-tingle with these refreshing homemade body scrub recipes!

Also called 'body polishes' or 'salt glows', these exfoliating body treatments remove rough, dry skin and unclog pores, leaving you smooth, soft and silky, and smelling wonderful.

(By the way, exfoliating is critical if you're fighting acne - use a home made body scrub at least once a week.)

Handy Hint:
Use homemade body scrubs to open your pores before giving yourself any other body treatment or to prepare your skin for an even tan.

Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

1/4 cup (30g) Rolled Oats, ground fine
1/4 cup (15g) Wheat Bran
1 tablespoon (15ml) Sweet Almond oil
1 tablespoon (15ml) Honey
1/2 cup (125ml) full fat Yogurt
8 drops Lavender essential oil
3 drops Palmarosa essential oil
2 drops Rose essential oil
2 drops Chamomile essential oil

Grind the oats to a fine texture using a coffee grinder. (Make sure it's well cleaned first so your homemade body scrub doesn't end up smelling like coffee.)
Using a metal spoon, stir the oats and wheat bran together in a glass or ceramic bowl (or even the jar you intend to keep it in - remember to use dark glass or PET plastic.)
Drop in the essential oils, placing each drop in its own little spot on top of the oatmeal body scrub mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Store in a cool, dark location until you're ready to give yourself a body scrub treatment.
When you're ready to use your home made body scrub, stir together the yogurt, honey and sweet almond oil in a medium-sized bowl. Add all of the oatmeal mixture and stir well to combine.
To use, take a quick, warm shower to wet your skin. Standing in the bathtub, massage the homemade body scrub into your skin using gentle circular motions until your skin is rosy from the increased circulation.
Rinse off under the shower, towel dry and moisturize.

If you're allergic to ragweed, replace the chamomile essential oil with 3 drops lavender.
Do not use aromatherapy bodyscrub recipes on broken or very irritated skin, and avoid your face and genitals.