Archangels & Ascended Masters
Here you will find some answers to some of the following questions about Archangels & Ascended Masters. What are the names of the Archangels & Ascended Masters? What is the Archangels & Ascended Masters purpose? In what way can they help us to help them in their work? The names of the Archangels, Ascended Masters & what they can offer you help with.
Abundanta ~ Aengus ~ Aeracura ~ Aine ~ Aphrodite ~ Apollo ~ Archangel Ariel ~ Archangel Azrael ~ Archangel Chamuel ~ Archangel Gabriel ~ Archangel Haniel ~ Archangel Jeremiel ~ Archangel Jophiel ~ Arachangle Metatron ~ Archangel Michael ~ Damara ~ Dana ~ Devi ~ Diana ~ El Morya ~ Forseti ~ Ganesh ~ Guinevere ~ Hathor ~ Horus ~ Ida-Ten ~ Ishtar ~ Isis ~ Isolt ~ Jesus ~ Kali ~ Kuan-Ti ~ Kuan-Yin ~ Kuthumi ~ Lakshmi ~ Lugh ~ Lu-Hsing ~ Maat ~ Maeve ~ Maitreya ~ Mary the Beloved Mother ~ Melchizedek ~ Merlin ~ Moses ~ Nemetona ~ Oonagh ~ Pele ~ St. Francis ~ St. Germain ~ St. John of God ~ St. Padre Pio ~ St. Therese ~ Sanat Kumara ~ Sedna ~ Serapis Bey ~ Solomon ~ Sulis ~ Tara ~ Thoth ~ Vesta ~ Vywamus ~ Yogananda

Archangel ~ Angel ~ Ascendant Master

Helps with

also known as Abuntdia, Habone, fulla

Abuntanta is like a hostess contanly asking if you need anything and fulfulling your every wish.


Abundance, attracting all types of abundance Financial investments (guidance and protection) Good fortune

Valuables (protection of)

also known as Angus, Oenghus,angus McOg Music, the romantic use of Angus of the brugh
Aengus is a Celtic god of soulmate love ,Aengus plays a harp and like cupid draws soulmates together.


Music, the romantic use of, Passion and romance - rekindling and keeping it alive.

Soulmate relationships,finding and protecting of

carries a horn of plenty and a basket of fruit
she is a celtic earth mother and earth diety. Go outside to call upon Aeracura. take of your shoes and socksand connect to mother earth in your bare feet.


Artists, inventors (guiding and supporting)
Emergency money

also known as Aine of Knockaine
The irish moon goddess of love she is aligned to the fairies and though of as a Fairy Queen Aine will help the enviroment (including anything related to air,water quality plants and animals)


Animal rights and Healing Enviromental concerns. Faith and passion (increasing)
Fertility, child conception
Play and enjoyment of life
Protection, especially for women

also known as Cytherea,Cypris, aphrodite Urania Aphrodite Pandemos and Venus
the goddess of love,beauty and passion linked to the planet venus She is accociated with passionate sexuality One of her children is eros (God of love)


Commitment, engagements and marriage
Sexuality,including increasing desire and romantic passion
Femininity, greacefulness,
beauty and attraction

the sun god who oversees prophecy, light, music and healing
Apollo had many lovers and dozens of children Today he helps psychics and spiritual mediums elevate their gifts to the highest of spiritual frequencies.In new age circles Apollo is known as an Elohim (in hebrwe in means ''divinities)


Happy endings to stressfull situations. Machanical problems,fixing
Psychic,clairvoyant and
prophetic abilities-opening

Archangel Ariel
also identified as Arael, Ariael name means lion Divine magic or lioness of god, when Ariel is near you may see references to, or visions of, lions around you Ariel is associated with wind so when around you, you may hear or feel wind as a sign Ariel also oversees nature angels linked to water and sprites, whose purpose is to maintain healthy enviroments around oceans,lakes,rives,ponds etc.


Enviromentalism, especially concerning water bodies wild animals, fish, and birds,nature
healing and protecting

Archangel Azrael
also identified as Azrail, Ashriel, Azriel, The angel of Death, name means ''whom god helps''
his role is to help people cross over at the time of psysical death making sure people dont suffer He also surrounds grieving family members, healing energy and divine light. If you've lost someone call on Azrael for comfort and to support The Archangel Azrael is very quiet and composed and respects the grieving,process he stands as a source of quiet strength and comfort


Comforting the dying and the grieving,
Grief counseling.
Crossing over the newly deceased person's soul.
Support for the grieving - material, spritual,and emotional

Archangel Chamuel
also identified as Camael, Camiel, Camiul Career, life purpose, finding Cancel, Johoel, kemuel, Khamael, Serapsiel, Shemuel, means ''he who lost items sees god''or ''he who seeks god'' Chamuel is considered a powerful leader in angel hierarchy. If your fearful of world events call on Chamuel for comfort, protection and intervention. Chamuel works to help us to build strong foundations for long lasting,healthy and meaningful relationships


World peace. Soulmates seeking of
Relationship, building and strengthening

Archangel Gabriel
also identified as Abruel, Jibril, Jiburili, Serafili Gabriel means "god is my stregnth"Gabriel told Elizabeth and Mary of the comming births of John the Baptist and Jesus.
Gabriel is known as "the messenger" she guides hopeful parents through conception and adoption process. She also helps peopleinvovled in arts and communication


Adopting a child.
Journalism and writing.
Television and radio work
Child conception & fertility
Artist and art-related

Archangel Haniel
also identified as Anael, Aniel, Hamiel,Onoel
Haniel helps us recover natural healing remedies involving harnessing the moons energyin potions and powders, and crystals. Haniel when called on will help us stay poised and centered beforeand during important events, such as a speach, performance, first date or job interview.


Healing abilities.
Moon energy
Bringing Gace into our lives
Psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance

Archangel Jeremiel
also identified as Ramiel, Remiel)Jeremiel helps newly crossed over souls review their lives, but he also helps the living with this to take stock of your life and make possitive changes call on Jeremial he will help you learn from prior experiences so you're even stronger and more centered in love. He also helped with prophetic visions.


Life reviews
Clairvoyance, prophetic psychic dreams,and visions including intepretations.

Archangel Jophiel
f also identified as Iofiel, Iophiel, Jofiel, Zophiel
As archangel of art and beauty, Jophiel helps us metaphysically and physically. Jophiel helps with artistic projects, she gives us Artistic projects & artists ideas and energy to carry out artistic ventures she also slows enough to smell the roses


Beautiful thoughts.
Interior decorating
Slowing us down from a hectic pace

Arachangle Metatron
also identified as Merraton, Metaraon
Metatron has a special place in his heart for children labeled as having (ADHD) and (ADD). Metatron helps newely crossed children adjust to heaven.
He is also in charge of organizing and recording the material known as "the book of life". Metatron is 1 of 2 archangels to have walked on the Earth as Spiritual understanding
a mortal (other one was Sandalphon who was the prophet Elijah)


Children's Issues
Recordkeeping & organising
ADD &ADHD related issues.
(including natural alternative to Ritalin)

Archangel Michael
(also identified as Beshter,Mika'il,Sabbathiel Saint Michael)
His name means "he who is like God" archangel Micheal is a leader amoung archangels he oversees the lightworkers life's purpose
Michaels main function is to rid the earth of toxins associated by fear,He carries a sword which he usesto cut the snares of fear when he's around u may see sparkles/flashes of bright blue or purple light his presence may make u sweat Michael has a knack of fixing electrical and machanical devices. He guides and directs those who feel lost or stuck with life's purpose or career path.He also guides us in which step to take next.


Commitment and dedication to ones beliefs
Energy and vitality
Life's pupose, all aspects of
Space clearing
Spirit releasement
Worthiness and increased self esteem

Damara's name means "gentle" she helps with the manifestation of money to help pay for family expenses. She also helps with women considering leaving their children’s father(call upon damara for input and assistance)


Abundance-especially household needs, Children, guiding and healing, Home, peace within the, Manifestation-especially for family and household needs

(also known as Danu,Danann )
she is a Celtic creator goddess believed to be a Great Mother aspect of the Divine Creator
When invoked Dana
appears as a young-looking rational woman who emanates wisdom and intelligence .


Abundance, Alchemy and divine magic, Animals, healing
Children, fertility and mothering, Elemental kingdom, meeting and working with the (particularly leprechauns), Worthiness , self esteem, and deservingness issues

(also known as Ambika, Ghagavati, Devee, Ida, Shakti)
Devi is a hindu or Vedic goddess known as the "Universal" or "Great" mother
she is the female energy of God and is one of India’s most important and powerful goddesses
The term Devi is sometimes used generically to describe any goddess.


Addictions, releasing and detoxification from,
Meaningfulness-finding more in life and career
Purification of body and mind
Relationships-all aspects of

(Also known as Diana of Ephesus)
Sharing attributes similar to that of the Greek Goddess Artemis, Diana is a moon goddess who helps with fertility and abundance.


Animals -breading, pregnancy and birthing
Childbirth, painless, Elementals, connecting with
Lesbian concerns, Twins

El Morya
El Morya is a new Ascending Master, he is based on an actual man named Ranbir Singh, son of the ruler of Kashmir in the 1840’s, he is known to replace faithlessness and faith.


Decision- making
Protection-especially energy and psychic

(Also known as Forete)
The Norse god of justice, fairness, arbitration and reconciliation, Forseti’s name means “presiding one” he stills all strife, and is the ultimate peacemaker.


Arguments, resolving, Fairness, Legal matters, resolving
Peace, Protection-especially legal in nature, Truth issues

Ganesh is an elephant headed deity who removes obstacles for anyone who asks for his help. He is the Hindu god of prosperity and wisdom, who also assists with writing and art projects.


Abundance, Artistic projects, Household peace and harmony
Obstacles, removing and avoiding, Wisdom issues, Writing

(Also known as Gwenhwyfar)
Her name means “White One” she is a goddess of love relationships, fertility and motherhood, she also works with the flower fairies.


Romantic love, enhancing and finding
Woman’s issues

(Also known as…Athor, Athyr, Hat-hor, Hat-Mehit, Hawthor, Tanetu, The celestial cow, Queen of Earth, Mother of Light, Ra.
Hathor is the ancient and beloved Egyptian goddess of the sun, sky and newborns and the dead. She is also associated with feminine beauty, cosmetics, fashionable clothing and romantic relationships.

Artistic projects, Beauty, attractiveness and cosmetics
Celebration, music, parties and dancing, Children, conceiving, pregnancy and parenting, Decision-making, Soulmate, finding one's

(Also known as Har, Harendotes, Harmarkhet, Haroeris, Har-pa-Neb-Taui, Harseisis, Harpokrates, Hor, Ra- Harakhte)
Horus is a powerful falcon-headed sky and sun god, representing strength and victory, during battle Horus’s eyes were injured, he appears as a falcon head with a large eye (the uninjured one) representing the third eye of clairvoyance. This all seeing eye also helps us to see the truth in all situations.


Clairvoyance, Courage, Mother-son relationships, Standing your ground, Strength, Vision, physical and psychic

(Also known as Idaten)
Ida-Ten is the Japanese god of law, truth, purity, legal victory and justice. He is a protector of monasteries and has miraculous speed. Ida-Ten can guard against religious persecution or help avert ridicule with respect to you spiritual beliefs. As quiet as a church mouse, this mild – mannered deity whispers powerful advice in you ear regarding legal moves and manoeuvres, he is also highly ethical.

Justice, Lawsuits, winning
Protection against religious or spiritual persecution
Protection of spiritual centres
Truth issues

(Also known as Absus and Inanna)
A Babylonian mother and warrior godeaa with multiple traits arranging from gentleness to motherly protection, Ishtar is also invoked for healing physical pain and maladies.


Child conception and parenting Compassion, Healing, all kinds off Gentleness Love relationships and marriage, Protection against lower energies, Sexuality, War, prevention or resolution of Weather

(Also known as Divine Mother, Goddess of the mysteries, Goddess of nature, Isis Myrionymos, Lady of magic, Lady of sacred sensuality, Mistress of Hermetic Wisdom.
Isis is a multifunctional Egyptian moon goddess who embodies femininity, motherhood, magic, healing and power. Her protective wings are engraved around Egyptian sarcophaguses as they symbolise Isis’s ability to renew souls of the dead.


Divine magic, Feminine strength, power, and beauty, Joy, Self-esteem

(Also known as Esyllt, Iseullt, Isolde, Ysolt and Ysonde)Isolt is the goddess of love and passion in relationships, who helps enhance sexual satisfaction and offers assistance in finding a soulmate.


Break-ups, separations, and divorce-healing from
Passion, reigniting, Romantic love, attracting

(Also known as Jeshua, Lord and Savior, Lord JesusChrist and Sananda)
Christian and New Thought
Churches emphasize Jesus’ teachings about love and forgiveness and promote these methods as ways to cure personal and worldly ills. Jesus was also known to be a great healer of sickness.


Clear communication with God, Divine guidance and direction, Faith issues, Forgiveness,
Healing of all kinds, Manifestation, Miracles

(Also known as Black Mother, Kali-Ma and Raksha-Kali)
Kali is the goddess of the ending of cycles, the death and transformation energy that lets go of the old and brings in the new. Kali is a loving energy that helps free us of fear, she only destroys that which keeps us in bondage, or which could slow or divert or divine mission.


Courage, Determination, Direction, Focus, Motivation, Protection, Tenacity

(Also known as Kuan Jung and Kuan Yu)
Kuan-Ti is the Chinese warrior god who acts to prevent war, he is a prophet that predicts the future and protects people from lower spirits, he works arm in arm with Archangel Michael on matters of justice within government systems.

Justice and freedom for falsely accused
Prisoners, and prisoners of war
Legal matters
Prophecies about world events
Psychic abilities, increasing accuracy
And details of space clearing.

(Also known as Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, Guanyin, Quan’ Yin, Guanyin, Quan’Am, Kannon, Kanin and Kwannon)
Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular eastern divinities. She is the Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion and protection, her name means “she who hears prayers”. Kuan Yin does, in fact, hear and answer every prayer sent her way. She is often called the “Mother Mary of the East” because she represents feminine divinity and goddess energy in the Buddhist religion.


Clairvoyance, Compassion
Feminine grace, beauty and power
Kindness gentleness and sweetness toward
Self and others, Love receiving and giving
Mercy, Developing musical abilities especially singing
Protection especially for women and children
Spiritual enlightenment and gifts

(Also known as Mahatma Kuthumi mal Singh, Koot Hoomi, Sirdar Thakar Singh Sadhanwalia, K.H.)
Kuthumi is a pseudonym for a Sikh spiritual leader. Kuthumi’s past lives include St. Francis and Pythagoras.

Dedication to Life purpose, Focus

(Also known as Haripriya, Jaganmatri, Laxmi, Matrirupa and Vriddhi)
Lahshmi’s name is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, which means goal or aim. She is a beautiful golden skinned goddess of prosperity and good fortune who brings blessings of abundance to everyone. She helps us find meaningful careers that bring about handsome rewards.


Abundance, Beauty and aesthetics, Happiness, lasting,
Home supplies and food manifesting, Space clearing for the home

(Also known as Lug, Lugus and Lleu)
Lugh is a youthful sun god with a magical hound helmet and spear, Lugh helps humans develop thjeir inner sorcerer or sorceress with divine love, he is associated with fertility and yielding a bountiful summer harvest. Legend has it that he is a master craftsman, poet, healer and jack of all trades.


Alchemy, Art, crafts, poetry and music
Divine magic, Healing from painful situations
Protection of all kinds, Solutions to any problem

(Also known as Pinyin Lu Xing)
Lu-Hsing is the god of salaries, pay success, progress, steady accumulation, wealth and employees.
It takes an agile mind and much alertness to properly heed his guidance.


Employment, all aspects of, Job interviews
Raises and promotions

(Also known as Ma’at, Maa, Maet, Maht, Mat, Maut)
The Egyptian goddess of truth, fairness and justice, she is the daughter of the sun god Ra. She is also the goddess of integrity, promises, truth and justice.


Addictions and cravings, overcoming
Clarification in confusing situations
Discerning the truth and integrity in orders
Divine magic, Integrity and commitments, self and others
Orderliness, Protection against deceit and manipulation
Purifying the body.

(Also known as Mab, Medh, Medhbh, Madb, Queen of Connacht)
A powerful warrior goddess whose name means “intoxicated woman” call upon maeve whenever you need guidance about natural and alternative healing methods. When you are in a health store ask Maeve for guidance with vitamins, minerals and herbs.


Feminine beauty, strength and attractiveness
Healers, beginning practitioners, students of healing, or would be healers, Herbology, Horses, healing and protecting
Menstrual cycles

(Also known as Buddha of the future, Future Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Lord Maitreya Maitri, Happy Buddha, Hotei, Laughing Buddha, Maitreya Buddha and Miroku-Bosatsu.
Many scholars believe that he was a monk who showed great compassion and was committed to bring much happiness, Maitreya means “ Loving One”.

Joy, Laughter and a sense of humour
Lovingness, Peace, global and personal

Mary the Beloved Mother
(Also known as Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Virgin Mary and Queen of Angels)
Mary’s historical data is very scanty as the four gospels that describe her don’t go into much detail. She is known as the Queen of Angels, she has a very close affinity with Archangel Gabriel, her present persona is definitely angelic, she is the most loving, patient and kind of the Ascending Masters, the angels love her and they work with her to affect miracles, yet behind her gentleness there is a “ Firm Mother Bear” who lovingly warns us to shape up.


Children adopting, Children all other issues relating to
Children support for those who help, Fertility
Healing of all kinds Mercy

Melchizedek’s name is said to mean “King of Righteousness” or “Genuine and Meaningful King”
He oversees a switching station into which stream various colours of the rainbow, these hues are energies of universal vibrations, given off by everything, the planets, stars, thoughts and emotions.

Correcting an unpleasant situation, Esoteric understanding,
Manifestation, Purification, Shielding against psychic attack
Spiritual releasement, Therapy involving colours, Aura-Soma,
Chakra clearing, crystals, Feng Shui, Reiki etc .

(Also known as Merddin, Myrddin, Lerlyn and Emrys)
Merlin represents the old sage-wizard archetype, He’s known as a powerful magician, a spiritual teacher and a psychic visionary. Merlin is happy to give lightworkers “A magical leg up” however, he always cautions that we use our “inner wizards” in the name of spiritual service and not for self gain.


Alchemy, Crystals, Divine Magic,
Energy work and healing
Prophecy and divination Psychic abilities
Shape-shifting, Time warping

The prophet Moses was called upon by God to lead his people out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land in Israel. Moses helps spiritual aspirants and teachers of all faiths and religions. He will help you “Step up to the Plate” and do the best job possible, when you feel uncertain about your power and abilities.

Authority figures, dealing with and negotiating with
Clear communications with God
Courage, Faith, Leadership
Miracle -working

(Also known as “She of the Sacred Grove”)
She is known to be a sombre, stately and stern in the most loving no-nonsence way.Infused with ancient energy, she stands guard over power places, holding the energy of the prayers invoked.


Infusing ceremonies with guidance, overseeing, Wisdom and protection, Space clearing in your home’s front and back yards / gardens

Oonagh is a goddess of devotion in love relationships,
Aesthetics and magic.
She is also a fairy Queen, she has an aura of opalescent, shimmering and glittering light.


Beauty and attractiveness, Dance and movement, Divine magic, Exercise and motivation, Fairies, contacting
Love relationships, all aspects of.

(Also known as, Ka-‘ula-o-ke-ahi; )Redness of the Fire.
She is the goddess that rules Hawaii’s volcanoes and takes various forms; a young beautiful woman, a wizened crone, a dog and a flame. Pele is a powerful yet trustworthy goddess who helps us tap into our passions and true heart’s desires.

Empowerment, Energy, Goal-setting and goal-getting
Honest communication in relationships, Passion, Prioritizing.

St. Francis
(Also known as St. Francis of Assisi, Francis Bernadone and Poverello)
Francis is a passionate advocate of animals and helps us learn from these wise and gentle beings with whom we share our planet.


Animal communicating and healing, Career, finding a meaningful, Environmentalism, Life’s purpose finding one’s
Peace, personal and global, Spiritual devotion, Youths trying to overcome delinquency

St. Germain
(Also known as, Comte de Saint-Germain, The count of St. Germain, der Wundermann, Saint Germaine, St. Germain, The wonderman of Europe)
St. Germain was multi-talented, playing the violin like a virtuoso, giving psychic readings, mastering numerous languages and painting exquisite artwork.


Alchemy, Authority figures and influential people, Courage, Direction, Life purpose, Miraculous manifestations, Perseverance, Psychic protection, Space clearing

St. John of God
( Also known as; Jodo Cilade, Juan Ciudad, Father of the Poor)
St. John is the patron saint of the mentally and physically ill and Hospital employees, he also helps booksellers and those with heart ailments.


Anxiety, Depression, Healing, Heart Ailments, Hospitalisation, Joy, increasing, Space clearing, Spiritual dedication

St. Padre Pio
(Also known as Francesco, Forgione, Padre Pio)
St. Padre Pio is a very spirited divinity with a lot of enthusiasm and joy, he is a person that reveals his deep faith and optimism. He helps people of all religions and creeds equally.


Eyesight, including blindness, Forgiveness, Healers, increasing the abilities of Healing of all kinds
Prophecy, Spiritual growth

St. Therese
(Also known as Therese of Lisieux, Therese of the child Jesus. The little flower and The little flower of jesus.)
St. Therese is a powerful, loving, healing spirit from France.
You will know she has heard your prayers when u see or smell roses. She is the patron saint of florists but helps so much more in the area of physical healing, she helps all sincere people regardless of faith.


Gardening , especially flowers, Healing all forms of illness or injury, Pilots and airline crews, Spiritual counselling

Sanat Kumara
(Also known as Karrittikeya, Sumara, Skanda-Karttikeya)
Kumara is a warrior god, devoted to ridding people and the earth of negative entities and lower energies, he is a leader amongst gods who banishes darkness in the minds of men and spirits.


Ego overcoming, Fatigue lifting, Healing work, Space clearing, Spirit releasment, Spiritual knowledge and enlightenment
(Also known as Ai-willi-ay-o- and Nerivik)
Sedna is considered to be the Creator goddess of all inhabitants of the sea…..the ultimate sea goddess. She will grant wishes to those who go to the sea…and those who ask her lovingly, honestly and gently for favours.


Abundance especially food supply, Animal rights – especially relating to water based, Animals, fish and birds. Dolphin and Whales, Dreams and intuition, Granting of wishes when you’re in the ocean, Hands and fingers healing, Hurricanes, dispelling, Ocean conservation, Protection whilst, swimming, sailing or surfing

Serapis Bey
(Also known as Serapis, Apis< Asar-Apis and Osiris-Apis)
Sepapis-Bay motivates people towards physical fitness and healthful lifestyles. He also helps musicians and artists with creative projects, he is an extremely loving Ascending Master.


Addictions and cravings, overcoming, Artists, Musicians and creative endeavours, Ascension, Clear communication with God, Exercise and weight loss motivation
Peace, personal and global, Prophecy

(Also known as King Solomon)
Solomon was the King of Israel. Solomon has ascended to such a high level that we may not feel him when we call upon him. He’s a wise, old sage similar to the God archetype who sees all and knows all, he already knows who you are, what your divine assignment is and how you can do things better and more efficiently.


Cabalistic understanding, Divine magic, Joy, Manifestation, Space clearing, Spirit releasment, Wisdom and understanding

(Aslo known as Sul, Sulla, Sulevia and Sulivia)
An ancient goddess of healing waters, Sulis’s name means “ete” and “seeing” so it makes sense that she helps with the physical and psychic vision. The eye is also associated with the Sun, so she is known as a Sun goddess. Sulis overseas pools of healing waters, especially hot springs.


Blessings, Clairvoyance, Eyesight, physical and spiritual, Gardening, Water used in ceremonies, Wishes

(Also known as Green Tara and White Tara)
Tara’s name means star, she has many different sides and personalities, represented by different colours. In her Yellow, blue and red personas, Tara is temperamental, but as white and green Tara, she is loving and helpful.


Green Tara and White Tara help with - Compassion, Protection, Removing and avoiding obstacles

Green Tara helps with - Emergency Aid, Overcoming fear, Understanding and insight

White Tara helps with - Enlightenment, Longetivity

(Also known as Aah, Aah Tehuti, djehuti, Tehuti, Thout, Zehuti)
Thoth is the Egyptian god of high magic, manifestation, symbols, geometry, writing, music and astronomy. Thoth was the scribe of the gods. Thoth’s symbols are the basis for modern Freemasonry, it is also said that he designed many Egyptian pyramids and temples.


Divine magic, Life purpose, Mathematics, Prophecy and divination, Psychic abilities, Sacred geometry, Teaching, Writing

(Also known as Hestia, Prisca)
Vesta is a sun and fire goddess who oversees the home and hearth, Vesta showers us with compassion when she realises what a tough job we have to do, she is similar to Archangel Haniel, who illuminates us with stardust so that we will remember our magical properties and qualities.


Divine light
Fire control
Home – filling it with warmth
and love
Passion, igniting and keeping
Protection – especially for children
Space clearing

Vywamus is an Ascended spiritual teacher and healer who helps light workers waken their inner power and spiritual gifts and to discover their life’s purpose, he also helps lightworkers face their shadows as a way of illuminating them with light.
He also helps with all aspects of emotional, mental physical and spiritual healing


Encouragement and inspiration
Healing – spiritual, emotional and physical
Life purpose, all aspects of
Motivation and overcoming procrastination
Talents, discovering yours

Yogananda, was and Indian born yogi born in 1893, in 1920 he arrived in America to introduce the western world to the practice of Kriya yoga. He is also responsible for introducing westerners to chanting and meditation, he passed physically from the world in 1952, but continues to teach, heal and guide people as one of the newer Ascended Masters.


Clear communication with God
Divine love
Healing – spiritual, emotional and physical
Peace, personal and global
Unity of religious beliefs
Yoga practice