Keeping a Journal.

January has left us and the month of February has opened its doors, and we are well on our way into the year 2015  - and it is certainly a time to implement inspiring new and positive habits. What better than to start journaling ! This will help organise your thoughts, enhance your creativity, and it is so easy to do. When purchasing a journal buy something you like -  a book, whether plain or with lines, one that will inspire you to write your thoughts  in, that you will be proud to take to a personal meeting with your "higher self ", or allow to be read by a friend or family member. Using mixed media helps  express oneself in refreshing and unusual ways. So buy pencils, pens,inks, anything that will get you started on this exciting journey. 

Journalling is a wonderful way to release stress. Simply, by writing down what is bothering you, you can hash out problems, and come up with ideas and solutions. It will help you find inspiration, and achieve goals . Not only that, but you will start to understand yourself better, what makes you tick, what inspires you, who and what your higher self is. Writing is a catharsis - you can go through inner child journeys, be they painful, or otherwise,  and work on releasing the anger and resentment that is blocking you. It is a tool that can help clear your life's path, so that you can fly down the winding road, and have a wonderful journey de-cluttered by that which no longer serves you.

Some of us like to keep a gratitude journal. A simple paragraph or page recording your day to day life and appreciating all the good things that  have happened, and, or been bestowed upon you.. …As famously said “Gratitude is an attitude “.  Many people write this type of journal before they go to sleep, giving thanks for all the good that has occurred that day. The use of the power of  positive manifestation, starts to activate  and therefore brings about more positives than negatives. Try it, give it at least 21 days, but try 3 months  - that would be ideal!!  Make it a habit ! Im sure like others you will see the difference.

A dream journal - is for tracking your dreams. Beautiful ones are created with accentuated coloured pencil, and ink drawings and scrapbooking. Weaving the fantasy with the mundane. ( Check out Pinterest, and journal websites to get inspired .) Many psychic messages are sent this way - forewarnings of both the good and bad, messages you can receive so as to improve your life, and perhaps avoid negativity.  By placing a Labradorite crystal in a small bowl of water , next to your bed, you can enhance your astral travel and open the flow to receive more messages. Holding a small double terminated quartz while writing can also connect you with a spirit guide, or angel, and open the channels of communication. Cleanse regularly, and don't allow others to work with these particular stones.

Journals are for recording everyday life. For giving you a perspective and appreciation for your life, and for those around you. It helps with growth and personal development, so by regularly recording your thoughts - you will gain insight into your behaviours and moods. Journaling can be used for problem-solving and stress reduction. It’s been proven to improve mental and physical health. It can also lead to increased self-esteem.

You might write a journal to pass onto your children, and their children's children. What a wonderful thing to be able to go back and read up on your child's first day of school, or your granddaughters birthing day. So many things happen in life and you forget about how much joy and delight you felt at the time. By recording these daily events in your journal you will be able to look back at how things were and feel gratitude for these positive experiences. We are so busy with day to day busyness, that having quiet times to reflect, and read prose, inspired by our own thoughts and all those happenings that go on around us is truly a blessing !

Automatic writing which is a psychic gift is also helped by the use of a daily journal. Anyone can develop this gift, but, it takes commitment and relies on you opening yourself for spirit to flow through, so as to create or guide the words you write.  Channeled writing is a very effective way to access spirit...  it comes directly to your hand from spirit. Start to record these messages, even if you second guess yourself. Later, you will be able to look back,  interpret and decipher the messages, and thereby enhance your spiritual practice and psychic abilities. Want to find out more See our article on Automatic writing - journey with Spirit and Angel Guides (next week )

One of the most important things is to keep a regular appointment with yourself. I know this is true, because I seem to miss quite a few due to ‘other things”!!   Try as well,  to keep the time the same, but if not, then at least write every day. You will see your writing starts to flow more easily, and contact with spirit,  angels or guides will improve.  When channelling, sit down open the pages and allow what ever comes to mind to flow from your pen. Don't worry about the grammar or spelling ! Flow of words is the key factor. Spirit likes commitment! So if you are committed, and there every day, your guides and angels will do the same.

If you find that you are having difficulty doing this - find, what I call a Sacred Space.  It doesn't have to be fancy, or a meditation room, it can be a little spot in the lounge or dining room, a peaceful place, a comfortable chair with a table, cradling  your sacred objects. On there place your crystals, candles, incense, a flower, a shell, what ever inspires you and allows you to find inner peace. Allow your creative juices and channelling to flow. Light the candle, light the incense, breathe deeply and relax. If you are sorting out a problem, let your mind wander there,  then start to write….if you are channelling, close your eyes ask for divine guidance, allow the energy to enter your being, and start to write….let the pen flow over the page, and don't stop till there is no more to record..… no more flow….no more written word….

Many people love writing but may feel that they are not good at it. However, once you begin the daily practice of writing in a journal, this may all change. Some days you'll write pages, somedays a paragraph…….but whatever amount it is  - this journey will be life altering.

Lots of crystal blessings to you and yours


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