Happy Valentine’s Day to each and everyone of you . We, at Crystal spirits -  wish you much love and laughter for the year of 2015 .

Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship,  YOU are special , YOU are loved! Remember that no one can love you more than you love yourself  - so  if you don't know how to do that  -  how about starting now !

Affirmations are the easiest - say them out loud, or print them and stick them around the house. On your mirrors, inside cupboards, and even on a visor in the car,  printed words have power.  Some examples ?  “ I am beautiful “…..      "I am desirable “   “I attract wonderful, kind people into my life” , and for those that are bold….  " I  am hot ”  etc etc…get the message ? So start writing positive affirmations, read them, and start saying them daily - out loud !!

Remember, don't buy into convention, don't let society dictate or tell you what you need to be, don't let friends influence you. Go inward, find your higher self , an important journey for 2015…. and allow this energy to guide you and lead you to true magnificence. 

Remember there is only one of you …….affirmation 
                            “I AM A MAGNIFICENT ME “"

Healthy relationships take a lot of effort as there are always two or more people in them, so there is a likelihood of misunderstandings. To be successful one has to learn how to give, if you give you will receive. But that doesn't mean at your own expense or loss of self worth…so keep that in mind. If you feel your partner is not delivering -  talk, share your vulnerabilities, by doing this you will be come stronger as a couple. As the slogan goes “Sharing is Caring”. 

Remember to be flexible,  compromise and pick your battles well. It doesn't help to find fault all the time , and pick on your partner for every little thing - if you keep doing that it could turn into a Tit for Tat relationship, which make everyone unhappy. 

Two people get out of a relationship what the two of them put in…..so make the effort - and tell your partner to do the same.  Remember how you wooed each other in the beginning, how much effort you put in , how much consideration and caring - how great it was….why can't you two carry on doing that forever? All it takes is mindfulness, attention to detail, being considerate of the other person, effort and energy.  Simply put, to obtain the things you want in a relationship - give them !

So, happy Valentines day, to you and yours, love you self first and foremost , and loving the rest will soon follow , and remember to practice, daily  

"I am a Magnificent Me “ 


There are an endless list of crystals for relationship and love…so what we have to suggest can certainly be added to.  Remember, follow your gut instinct, or your inner guidance for there is no truer course than that.

Rhodonite - a beautiful crystal to exchange between two lovers. It represents the power of prolonged love, and the connection of two souls. The deep pink energy of the stone ignites ones self-worth, and self love . It  also allows you to be bold enough to express emotions.  This special stone aligns us to an underlying energy within creation and helps us in trusting ourselves, our own decisions, and the ability to make the right ones. Rhodonite resonates with sound - so activate and use for mantra meditations.

Malachite - working with the right crystal can give you the energetic shift to change a stale relationship into a more positive one. Sometime being in a comfortable relationship can create a comfort zone that loses its passion and excitement. Malachite is a transformational stone that wakes up old feelings letting you love again . This high energetic stone recreates those loving vibes and inspires you both to make some exciting changes and rekindle your latent passions for each other. It cleanses the aura, increases hope and happiness , removes blocks and transforms emotions, thus allowing you to express your true feelings. Use only in polished form.  Can be used together with rose quartz and rhodonite. Place a large piece on your bedside table.

Sugilite -   can cast a light on the blackest situation. A major love stone, also known as Luvulite , it opens the heart chakra to unconditional love. It helps transform jealousy - which can be very destructive,  and result in destroying a relationship.  Most of the time jealousy is a reflection of one’s own insecurities.  To assist in changing this emotional pattern -  sit quietly in a meditative state , place your Sugilite on your heart chakra and ask the stone to help you …… feel this purple vibration filling your being…. cleansing your heart, eliminating your possessive tendencies.. Keep this stone with you throughout your jealous bouts. Sugilite works for both men and women.  Cleanse well. Can also be used with  Watermelon Tourmaline to help resolve emotional conflict. Watermelon adds balance and stability to a relationship - can be used together with  the other suggested stones. 

Lapis Lazuli - is a beautiful blue stone with the added sparkle of pyrite. This is a great stone to carry when you want to strengthen  a relationship. Can also be carried when you are going through a lot of arguments and tension.

Ruby - radiates with a constant warm secure energy. It is linked to the heart chakra and encourages feelings of self worth and esteem. It creates and sustains a positive flow of energy between people and can be used to heal relationship problems. Ruby has the ability to stimulate sexual desire and to raise the vibration of excess sexual energy.

Unfortunately some of us, if not most of us, have been through painful relationships, that leave us with broken hearts, disillusionment, and sorrow. We have to release, let go and heal, before we can involve our hearts and psyche in a new connection with another soul mate. Otherwise , inevitably we will carry that baggage with us…..and this can result in one not moving on and forward towards new beginning….and perhaps not attracting new relationships into our lives.

Journaling is definitely  a winner. It allows for release,  for one to pour  out emotionally, and yet while reading the words, to release the fantasy and illusion, and analyse the reality of what was. So read our newsletters for more info on this healing tool.

Healing is a process that will certainly be individual, and take everyone a different route and different time period, so remember, first and foremost , be kind to yourself. Crystals that can help you with this healing process are the following :

Howlite - for it releases anger and hurt and allows us to process what has happened.  It also allows you to be patient with yourself, and others. Stops irritability and emotional turmoil. If you are having sleepless nights, keep a Howlite under your pillow  - it will help still a mind that is in turmoil. Remember to cleanse the crystal regularly as it will be going through a painful experience with you, and will need to be refreshed. Can be carried during the day together with Smokey Quartz. 

Aventurine - Deciding to,  and leaving an unhappy relationship you can experience anger, fear, betrayal and sorrow . To help deal with these emotions , sit quietly, hold your aventurine, breathe deeply. Close your eyes, hold the Aventurine to your heart, and relive the emotions, experiencing them one by one. Each time emotions or thoughts surface, feel the soothing energy of the crystal, offering support and an empathic way of handling the break up. Hold this crystal while you journal, re enact, your past, write it down and let go !. Continue doing this for several days. Cleanse the stone well. You can also leave one in your bed, so as to heal holes in your aura from all the trauma . Great stone to assist one in emotional recovery. Keep a few as part of your collection.  Resonates well with Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz - this stone purifies the heart and allows inner healing and self love. it can detoxify the body and release unexpressed emotions. It helps heal when your heart has been broken and your self respect damaged. It will teach you to love yourself again, and most of all release detoxifying emotions. You can use it as an elixir - but remember it might make you too emotional , so use with discernment. Can be worn as a bracelet or pendant to assist the heart chakra.

Jade -When you want to resolve the dysfunctional side of a relationship, and stop bitter arguments, and help restore good communication, Jade is the crystal. Both translucent jade and nephrite jade can be used. This stone calms and balances the emotions and creates inner harmony while releasing irritability.  This emotional balancer takes the fire out of an argument reducing verbal abuse, so that harmful things can be left unsaid. Carry with you, or wear as a bracelet.

As most of these crystals deal with emotions and hormones, wear them or carry them on your person for a few weeks. It takes time to stabilise emotions!!  So keep  your stones nearby. They must be cleansed so that they are refreshed and “charged “ so as to help you on your journey. If you are going through a traumatic experience bury your crystal for three days to recharge, or otherwise smudging, or brown rice will  cleanse them.

Lots of blessings, love and laughter
Crystaldebs .

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