Automatic writing - journey with Spirit and Angel Guides

Automatic writing - journey witAutomatic writing which is a psychic gift is also helped by the use of a daily journal. Anyone can develop this gift, but, it takes commitment and relies on you opening yourself for spirit to flow through, so as to create or guide the words you write.  Channeled writing is a very effective way to access spirit  (by Spirit I am referring to your Higher Self, Angels, Guides, ancestors, who ever you are connecting with)……. as it comes directly to your hand from Source. Start to record the channelled messages, even if you second guess yourself. Carry on writing….Later, you will be able to look back,  interpret and decipher the messages, and thereby enhancing your spiritual practice and psychic abilities. 

Doing meditation on a regular daily basis if very effective in assisting you to develop the gift of automatic writing. Meditation helps you to work on psychic gifts, as it changes your brain waves. During the day, or activities, your brain is in an beta wave pattern, with meditation it slows down to an alpha wave - which assists the flow of information from divine source. Two specific areas of the brain, the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex are said to be involved in the evolvement of psychic gifts.

One of the most important aspects is to keep the time the same -  this is a key factor - but if you cannot, then at least write every day. You will see that with this discipline your writing starts to flow more easily, and contact with Spirit will improve. If you do this at the same time each and every day, it will work best. Be respectful of spirit. If you make a regular time with spirit, it allows the Guides, and Angels to be there, and if you cannot do it for any reason send up a short prayer - thank them for supporting and connecting with you. Arrange to meet them the following day. Respect and more respect, is the Essence.

If you find that you are having difficulty channelling - find, what I call a Sacred Space.  It doesn't have to be a meditation room, it can be a little spot in the lounge or dining room, - somewhere peaceful, -  a comfortable chair with a table, holding your sacred objects. On there place your crystals, candles, incense, a flower, what ever inspires you and allows you to find inner peace. Light a candle, this  shifts the vibration of the room and the space  becomes more spiritual,  light the element of air, incense, there is a variety to choose from , so pick one that resonates with you,  breathe deeply and relax. Close your eyes, and once you are at peace, ask for divine guidance, aloud or quietly in your mind, become aware of the spaces around you,  allow the energy to enter your being, and start to write….let the pen flow over the page, and don't stop till there is no more to record..… Flow of words is the key factor. Start to record the channelled messages, even if you second guess yourself, carry on writing….Later, you will be able to look back,  interpret and decipher the messages, and thereby enhance your psychic abilities. 

Before you begin, I should mention that everyone should consider using Psychic Protection methods.  Begin by saying a prayer, can be the Lords Prayer, or either ask an Archangel, or any other Deity you prefer to work with, to protect and guide you..  Bless the space you are in and ask for divine protection, and that "only Spirit of the highest and Best, for the good of all " enter your sacred domain and commune with you. If you feel you want more protection you can shield yourself with a  “ protective cloak”.  Having your psychic channels open may leave some vulnerable to negativity, so simply engage in protective methods. Once you begin to open yourself up to spirit, you need to be aware how important it is that you protect yourself. Make it a habit, and daily practice. Here are a few suggestions, but always go with what feels right for you, and follow your higher self.

One of the most effective stones for protection is a Black Tourmaline. The energy of this crystal deflects negativity and helps you overcome limiting beliefs and fears.You can hold a piece in your left hand, while stroking your auric field,  dusting off any emotional smog or auric attachments , thus creating an energy field of protection. Sometimes our aura's are just clogged with dense energy - not necessary an attachment.  Black tourmaline will dislodge this and get us moving! While channeling, and, or releasing old energy we tend to feel vulnerable - Black tourmaline will protect and assist us through this journey. This is also a grounding and earth- aligning stone. No one should be without a piece of this magnificent stone.

Protective cloak
Close your eyes, and breathe in for the count of four and out for the count of eight. Slow down your breathing . Relax, and repeat at least three times.  Now, feel the energy under your feet, go deep within the earth, down, down,down. Pull the energy up through your legs, release your breathe, go down again, breathe in, pull up the energy, breathe out ……… When you feel yourself relaxing, take a liquid gold piece of amber - hold it above your crown chakra. Relax, and feel it dripping down over your body, enfolding you in its fiery depths, and protecting you from all harm. Feel as if you are in a gold bubble, a cocoon of solid resin. When you are finished, place the amber in a bowl of raw uncooked rice, leave it to cleanse so that it is ready for its next protective cloak session.

One of the most beautiful stones that assist with automatic writing is Labradorite. It can be in the shape of a sphere radiating its energy into your sacred space or a stone you hold while channeling. This is also known as “ The Butterfly Stone” as its iridescent  colours of electric blues, deep grey, blacks, green, and yellow hues remind one of butterfly wings. It is for metamorphosis, changing of oneself and releasing one from the cocoon of life, spreading your wings, and catching the winds of life. Is that not what you are doing with your channelling and recorded writings?
 As channelled in the book Crystal Angels 444, written by Alana Fairchild, Labradorite works with Angel IAHEL - the Angel of Solitude, and this stone brings with it the Energy of Individuality. This is a stone for seekers, those drawn to other worlds. It  will also protect you, acting as a shield, and repair tears in the auric field. It will assist you in connecting with your higher self, allowing your talents to flow, beyond anyones expectations -allowing you to live your spiritual destiny. It calms the mind and allows you to reach a meditative stage, thus, allowing you to trust in your higher self. Labradorite removes the psychic smog and clutter, created by others, removing confusion and doubt. Ìt will assist you to be open to divine guidance, channel  and record through your pen, and journal. It releases fears and disappointments from this and other lifetimes, so perhaps use another journal , if you wish to keep the information separate, when letting go and releasing that which does not serve you.
Angel IAHEL - has the specific task of caring for hermits, philosophers and those that require separation from the world to tend to their inner tasks for awhile. Can be a simple separation like needing to get away for a short while so as to collect your thoughts, or it could be more dramatic like leaving a country or separating from a loved one. His gentleness allows us to leave attachment to this world for a short time, allowing the peace of solitude to engulf us. If you wish to go in depth with the energy of Labradorite and Archangel IAHEL, you must connect with this book and the information Alana Fairchild has to offer. see Crystal Angels 444, written by Alana Fairchild.
Many people love writing but may not be good at it. However, once you begin the daily practice of writing in a journal, this may all change. Some days you'll write pages, somedays a paragraph…….but whatever amount it is  -  journalling will be life altering. Remember to hold the pen or pencil loosely,  and let go of thought.  If you are stuck begin by asking a question, or you might choose to actually write the question down so that the writing process follows. Some people feel like they are writing normally, some like a force is gripping their hand…… Either is fine - it is your connection - As your gifts become stronger, you may begin receiving information from spirit by the direct implanting of thoughts into your brain... directly and immediately. This is psychic knowing, also known as Claircognizance.  It works in a similar way to how clairaudience or psychic hearing is received. It is one of the psychic senses, which involves direct contact with spirit. Its definition may be clear knowing, as you know that what you received is totally real and accurate.
You might also find yourself beginning to become ungrounded, so ground yourself with crystals, and re-connect with Mother Earth. Two black agates are wonderful for this purpose. Hold one in each hand, use relaxing breathe techniques, and feel yourself grounding back to mother Earth. If you want to channel, and connect with Angels and Spirit guides there are a variety of crystals to assist with this flow of energy.


Lots of crystal blessings to you and yours




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