On the 10th of August we have another Supermoon, this one being closest to the Earth of all the full moons this year. This is paired with a period where there is a shift in Love. As far as I can figure this shift started about a month ago and will continue for another two to three months. This means all kinds of love, universal, family, friendly and romantic love. What does this mean for you and your life?

Firstly all your emotions will be dragged to the surface kicking and screaming. The anger, hate, sadness will be drawn out but so will the good emotions of love, caring, happiness. It all depends on what the most prevalent emotion is inside yourself. This means you will experience immensely strong emotions about little events. It will also mean an awakening into the Universal consciousness. People will start caring more. The great outcry about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is a perfect example of this. Universally people are starting to stand up about war… 

Secondly there will be changes in your relationships. You might experience a period of wanting to hold your children closer or contacting friends and family you have not seen in a while. It could also lead to you shifting friends and family out of your life if your paths do not support each other any longer. You might start putting your foot down with difficult people instead of backing down. All these are symptoms of this shift combined with the Supermoon.

The biggest changes will come in love relationships. You will see a lot of relationships ending and a lot of people suddenly coming together and move forward at an incredible pace. If you have a troubled relationship you will either find yourselves both working harder at it if it is meant to last or suddenly giving up. The upheaval is with good cause, you will find yourself in a much better space with much better people for you once the chaos has passed.

What could you do about this? Firstly be aware. Be aware that the strong anger you feel when someone did something small is something leftover from the past just triggered by this event. Look for the real cause, delve deeply into yourself and explore where it is from. Release it, do not push it back down to fester. Tell people you care about you love them. I noticed my little boy is affected by this very strongly. He keeps telling me daily how much he loves me after he withdrew for a while while a couple of months ago by telling me he is grown up now (5 years old) and do not need to be babied. Especially make sure your kids are feeling loved and secure.

Do not act in haste to end a relationship. Think through it and see if it can be repaired with some work. See if there are love left in it which would make it worthwhile to try and save. 

Avoid making any impulsive decisions. This is a period where introspection will be very important. Examine each emotion and situation. Making decisions based on what you feel in that moment is not the way.

As with any shift this is a good opportunity for growth. Use it to your advantage.

Be very blessed,

Red Tigers Eye

Allows one to find
Equilibrium in their emotional lives creates harmony between people with different views.


Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love. It is said to connect to the archangel Raphael. Prehnite enhances inner knowledge, showing the path forward to spiritual growth through attunement to divine energy. Prehnite connects the will and the heart. In so doing one's actions attain the highest good. Use it for the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs.


Helps release negative emotions & disharmonious frequencies & patterns.


Stone of spiritual growth. Stimulates visions and has been used in Shamanic healing. Balances male/female aspects, brings harmony to relationships. Precision, acceptance of responsibility, prudent management of money.

Peach moonstone

Peach Moonstone’s gentle, loving energy supports the heart as it stimulates the mind.  It allows one to perceive the positive, loving existence of the Divine in all situations.  It can help soothe worry or anxiety while assisting one in celebrating the positive experiences in one’s life.  Peach Moonstone carries a soothing energy for the emotional body and is excellent for use by intuitive or sensitive children.


Fuchsite is a mineral of rejuvenation and renewal. Fuchsite helps spark the joy and sweetness of our inner child; reminding us that the vitality of youth, no matter what the age, is an attitude of heart and mind. Fuchsite assists in the process of clearing/healing the various levels of consciousness, helping to achieve mental/emotional balance, tranquility, and a deepened sense of compassion, understanding and acceptance.


Olivine helps you understand your destiny & spiritual purpose, the influence of Olivine can improve difficult relationships.

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