The month of July always feel like the heart of winter to me. I know it is actually in June with the midwinter solstice but on a deep down heart level it feels like July. July seems to be a bit colder, a bit more dreary. It is when we really start missing a sun that actually warms you and gentle breezes instead of freezing winds. The plants are all dead and everything is dusty and dull in the fields.
I noticed in July the house always start getting stuffy and the kids become more difficult. To me, that is a sign to do a good midwinter cleanse on myself, the house and my family. I have a specific method I use. I always start with the people. We all have Purification baths and afterwards a good spray with Protection elixir. This way any stuck negative energy in the house will not latch back onto people before we start the cleansing.
The kids love helping me with the cleansing. We first smudge the whole house with a sage bundle. After that we go through the home with normal and tibetan bells and make a racket in all the corners and throughout all the rooms to get stagnant energy moving again. Needless to say, the kids love this part.
I close the cleansing ritual with Space Clearing candles. Depending on how stagnant everything was, I either use a tall set for the whole house or small sets in each room. The black candles will take care of any remaining stagnant or negative energy and the white will bring light back into the home.
We also tackle some mundane things like clearing cupboards, bookshelves and toy boxes for charity, wiping down cupboard doors with water with a couple of drops of Clary Sage essential oil in it and general tidying.
We tend to draw inward in winter and spend a lot of time in rest and reflection. It is a natural state of being so go with the flow, start doing some dreamwork and meditate more often. It is the perfect time of year to start a meditation habit as the clam, deep energy of winter will help you on your path.
Above all, remember to enjoy winter as it is. Enjoy the special things you can only do in winter like cuddling under a blanket in front of the fire, cooking a hearty pot of vegetable soup and drinking hot chocolate on a chilly evening.
Enjoy cleansing,
Many blessings,


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