Each and every year inauspicious stars fly into various sectors of our houses, and businesses. These negative stars can create tension and havoc in our lives. To overcome, and counteract this, we suggest the use of a salt cure. The salt cure is one of the most important cures in the Feng Shui arsenal.  Usually these cures are placed at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, but I have found that a few of the Crystal spirits clients, as of yet,  have not done that, or are just not sure how to proceed - so here it is in a nut shell - or shall I say glass jar! 


The areas in which you should place salt cures are West, South-east and the Center of the home . If these compass areas are located in your kitchen, bedroom, living room and or front door, or for that matter areas like offices where you spend a lot of time - it is  essential that you place a cure here. If it happens to be a closet, storage area, empty space or bathroom - you might not need to put one there.


 Salt cures negate bad energy - that is their one and only function. They are created at the beginning of the year, left throughout the year, and discarded at the end of the lunar year. New salt cures are made each and every year, and placed in new sectors according to where the three negative stars have flown.


For best results your salt cure should be open to the air (not covered or in a cupboard), and placed in a position where it won’t be disturbed by inquisitive pets or kids. To protect your furniture place the jar or tumbler in a broad dish or bowl.

Place your salt water cure in an area where you know the container will be safe, i.e. not tipped over, moved or otherwise tampered with. Usually a room corner works well. If you do not like the look of the salt water cure (it will change even more in time); be sure to place it behind a decor object so that your Feng Shui cure is not visible. For example, you can have your salt water cure behind the sofa, a screen or a big lush plant. You must, however,  have access to you salt water cure in order to add water as needed.


So, why is the salt water cure considered powerful?


Salt is an ancient mineral with precious properties, including strong cleansing properties, and it has been used in various cleansing rituals since very old times. Salt is also used in various body purification treatments and massages, as it has the ability to absorb the negative, dull, low energies, thus leaving the energy fresh and pure. Salt was believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energy.


In simple terms, the salt water Feng Shui cure combines the strong purifying effects of salt and water combined with the chemical reaction between metal and salt (as you will see, the metal element is present in this cure with the use of Chinese coins.)


Feng Shui master Michael Hanna of the UK introduced the (formerly secret) Feng Shui salt cure to the public over a decade ago. Some Feng Shui practitioners and masters believe that the salt cure isn't a cure at all, but merely a tool to assess the severity of the afflicted area where the flying stars reside. Regardless which side of the coin you're on, the salt cure has become a common and popular one with many testimonies of its effectiveness as a Feng Shui cure.


In the Feng Shui salt cure, the purification of salt is incorporated with water that when combined are a powerful cleansing tool. It's the addition of metal coins that helps stimulate the chemical reaction that cleanses and dissipates the negative chi energy brought into a home by the annual movement of the flying stars.


The use of number 6 - as in the number of Chinese coins for the salt water cure, as well as the number of metal rods in the wind chime - is based on the fact that in Feng Shui, 6 is considered to be a number with a strong metal essence. The negative flying stars are represented by the element of earth and wood - thus a strong metal cure is used to weaken their energies and negative effects.


The look of this Feng Shui cure will change in time, especially if there is a lot of negative energy in the space. The container will have a build-up of salt crystals overflowing its edges, in some cases quite a thick build-up.


If you are interested in the salt water Feng Shui cure, and feel that your home might benefit from it, here are the basic instructions for creating and using one.


Items you need for the salt cure

 - Salt - high quality rock or sea salt

 -  a glass bottle, pickling jar is a good idea, or broad bottle

 -  6 Chinese metal coins

 -  Water to fill 3/4 of your container with

 - a broad bowl to stand the jar in, or a protective mat


Instructions .

Fill your jar with salt about 3/4 full 

 Place the 6 coins on top of the salt ; coins placed yang side up (the side with the four Chinese characters)

Add water to fill the container to the top - leave a bit of space for the salt to crystallise .

Place jar inside your bowl or on top of the protective mat.

Leave salt water cure container open, do not cover with lid,  or place in covered space, such as a cupboard. The salt water cure will begin to crystalise along the rim of the jar. Depending on how afflicted this area is, the crystals can spread and completely cover the jar and the plate or tray. You will want to be sure that you have some type of protective cover or mat underneath these and that it is larger than the plate or tray.

Place each salt cure in the corners of the room in the following sectors  West, South-east and the center of the house . The salt cure over the year will not look pretty so hide behind a pot plant, ornament, or piece of furniture.

As the water evaporates over the coming weeks, check regularly and refill with water as needed to keep topped up. Overtime it will crystallise  - this shows that it is absorbing negative energy. 

Do not touch, or move  jar once placed. This will disturb the accumulated negative energy. Keep on topping with water throughout the rest of the year. If it becomes unmanageable in growth, dispose of properly, and replace with a new cure.



Because the Feng Shui salt water cure will absorb and accumulate a lot of negative energy, care should be taken with its disposal. Do not cleanse the bowl and the coins, but rather properly discard the whole cure. To do this, you can simply seal the cure in a plastic bag and throw it into your outside trash bin for the next trash pickup. Never bury it on your property. This will anchor the negative energy into your land, so be sure to dispose of all related cure items, including the mat and plate/tray used to protect the floor or table surface.



The salt water cure should be replaced each year on the date of the Chinese astrology solar new year. This is the easiest way to ensure you have removed the old cure and replaced it with a new one. You aren't restricted to only setting up a cure on that one day. You can set up a new cure anytime during the year, just be sure you have the correct positions for the flying stars.



Crystaldebs and the Crystal Spirits team


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