Feng Shui and the use of Wind-chimes.


Wind - chimes were created and used mostly in the East. They were hung from the eaves of sacred structures, shrines and pagodas, - and when the winds blew, there was an auspicious sensation of sound emanating across the lands. Their popularity in the 19th and 20th century led them to the West, and since then , they have become part of our culture, interlocking an ancient lifestyle with a modern one.

Sound is very important to a human being. In fact, tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calming our minds and awakening our spirits. The vibration of sound releases stress and emotional blockages, allowing us to connect with spirit and bringing us a sense of peace and calmness. Remember, the ear is connected to nearly all the cranial nerves, which lead to all parts of the body. So soothing sounds create a state of balance and peacefulness.

Pure sound cuts out the left brain function of liking or disliking a piece of music. Sound - cannot be hummed or sung from note to note - it is a continuum. Random notes of the Wind-chimes awaken and intrigue the right brain function - the one of intuition and creativity. This triggers our mind allowing us to escape from logical thought, and brings us into a quieter space where we can listen to our inner thoughts and higher self. Sound amplifies the right-hand brain where we can let go of the need to control. Hearing is a passive experience. Listening is focused and controlled. 

Feng Shui literally translated means “Wind and Water”. These are two of life’s most important elements, and they  symbolise movement of energy.’This is known as Chi. We desire positive Chi in our lives because this brings health, wealth and happiness. Which results in a lucky life. Negative chi is destructive - and this is either energy that is moving too fast, or is stagnant. The wind chime is the perfect cure for this, as they symbolise the manifestation of movement of energy.

Wind chimes help us to recognise Chi flow, by the sound that the Wind-chime makes. Nature is never silent, and sound links us to this life. We can also react negatively or positively to sound. Positive sound eases the feeling of loneliness. and good sound calms the nerves, releases tension and relaxes us. They can also be used to mask the sound of traffic, or other harsh and negative sounds . Wind chimes correct these situations and bring back balance into your life and home. 

In ancient times wind chimes were used to ward off ill omens.They warned cities of uncontrollable forces, such as fires, floods, storms and winds. Today they are known to bestow good fortune, peace and happiness - that's why church bells are rung at weddings, creating a sacred space for the newly married couple .

To get the most out of your Wind chime you must note that there are several distinctions, such as type, number of rods and the medium they are created out of. Either metal, bamboo, ceramic, wood and so on. Knowing these distinctions will help you use the Wind chime more effectively, achieving the result you want, such as fame, health, love or career advancement.

Here are some suggestions for the following areas - 

North (career/Opportunities): Six-rod metal  hollow chime.

NE, SW (relationships, personal growth, education): Ceramic or glass chimes. Use five, eight, or two rods.

East (family relationships, health): Three rod - Bamboo or wooden chimes;

Southeast (wealth): Bamboo or wooden chimes; four rods. Or you can choose wind chimes with fish or water themes.

South (recognition, fame): Bamboo, wooden, or metal chimes with three, four, or 9 rods. 9 would be best 

West (children, creativity): Metal chimes with seven or six rods.

When hanging and activating your wind chimes make sure that you have smudged and cleansed your chime. Don't hang a wind chime above where you sit or over a door. Next to it is fine, just not above. Metal chimes are not good to hang in trees because the elements clash as metal cuts wood. So rather use another type of chime, like wood, or  ceramic. You can use a wind chime for the direction of your front door, to deflect poison arrows like traffic, roads or sharp buildings that point towards you. Pagoda chimes with hollow rods act as energisers. Bathrooms  use hollow wood chimes if located in centre, SW, or NW sectors. If they are located in  East, SE, NW or west sectors use 5-rod hollow or solid chime. Six sets of 6-rod hollow chimes can be used in missing NW corner. This will help gain influential people, assist the head of the household and attract a partner if you're single.

Metal chimes are best placed in the West, NW and North sectors. Wood and bamboo, place in the East, SE and South sectors. Glass and ceramic resonate with NE and SW sectors. 

Wind chimes have only two important functions in Feng Shui - to activate or to cure ! Remember these are important tools in activating and enhancing sacred spaces within your home. Use them well, cleanse them regularly and honour them for all they bring into your life.

Lots of crystal blessings



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