Sabbats ~ Beltane
(April 30th-May 1st)

Also known as- Beltan, Bealtain, Mayday 
Associated deities-:Stag Lord, The Green Man, Jack in the Green, May Queen 
Associated herbs-: frankincense, roses, lemonbalm, lemon thyme 
Associated stones-: quartze crystal, sunstone, orange calcite, malachite

Beltane which means 'fire in the sky', is a major fire and fertility festival when we welcome summer and celebrations begin at sunset on 30th April. It is the second most important Sabbat after Samhain when the veil between the worlds is once again at its thinest. But at Beltain it is believed that mischeivous elves and faries make them selves known and care should be taken in magickal workings. Fires were burned as beacons across the land to symbolise the suns return to the sky and fertility to the land. Livestock were driven between the fires to protect them from disease. To the ancient fertility was a matter of life and death and so the sick and frail also passed between the fires to obtain the suns healing blessings.

Beltain is a time when two halves come together to make a whole and in some traditions a girl is chosen to represent the May Queen and a boy to represent the Stag Lord and thus the marriage of the God and Goddess. It is a common time for 'handfastings' or marriages.The maypole is a symbol of the male phalus and a circle of flowers is placed on top and ribbons then woven around as the circle, representing the female slowly makes its way down the pole. The pole is then kept in the centre of the village untill next years beltain celebrations when it is burned on the fire. Gardens are also blessed at this time and baskets made up and delivered to the elderly.

Celebration ideas: 
Celebrate outside or use a potted plant or tree. Use a dark green alter cloth and decorate the alter with flowers of the season. Use green candles in rings of flowers and a bunch of flowers to cast circle. Spend time learning about the Gods and Goddesses. Also look at colour correspondences which is the most common way to enhanse magick, also observe these in nature around you. Choose a tree to be your tree, watch it throughout the year and the turning of the seasons, sit under it and meditate or do your magickal workings and celebrations here.