Crystals have been used by healers for many years for their healing attributes. They can be placed in your surroundings at home or work for healing and bring balance to your energy and the energy that surrounds you. They can be held or used in a healing regimen to support and assist in enhancing chosen energies, for example: Carnelian assists in releasing fear and sorrow. It improves memory and balances your energy, increasing motivation and self determination.

At the Crystal Emporium we have a divine collection of crystals: ranging from feng shui crystals, healing crystals, divination aids, meditation crystals and crystals to honour goddesses or angels.

Frequent the Crystal Emporium to learn the secrets of crystal power and find the crystals that can enhance your wellbeing, guard and guide you and ease your journey to prosperity and bliss. 

Visit the Esoteric Knowledge page for more information on each variety of crystal, which are all available at the Crystal Spirits Crystal Emporium.