a) Find a clam and quite place with ventilation.

b) Sit comfortably with your spine and chin erect. Use a chair if needed.

c) Place your hand on top of the thighs with palms facing the sky.let the eyes be closed.

d) Take slow , deep continuous breath in ( say breath in for 6 seconds slowly and steady) .

e) Hold the breath for approximate six seconds.

f) Breath out slowly through the nose approximate 12 seconds

g) Hold the breath for 3 seconds.

I) continue the cycle for 9 times.( breath in - hold - breath out -hold).


Observe the Sounds in the environment and just accept them. Be in harmony with the sounds.

they are there to aid you more and more deep into mediation.

Once you have completed the above cycle. Keep breathing normally.As you breath in and out slowly and gradually (observe/pay attention to your)- left foot, left calf, left knees, left thighs,left hip - take couple of deep breaths in and out.

Pay attention to your right leg similarly and then to your genitals abdomen and stomach.

Breath in and out couple of times.

Pay attention to your chest neck and shoulders then to both hands and palms.

Couple of deep breath in and out .

Then to your chin ,cheeks, lips ,nose , eyes, forehead, top of the head and back bone.

Couple of deep breaths in and out.

As you keep breathing observe your thoughts. Good thoughts or bad , let them come.

Do not resist any thoughts. As thoughts come imagine that you have three baskets in front of you . One the left , right and center. The basket in the center denotes the present. If the thoughts are form present - put them in the center basket.

If the thoughts are form past - put them in the left basket and thoughts about future in right basket.

Do not over strain or over do - put them with the first judgment also try not to be aware that you are observing the thoughts.

Feel like the white clouds that floats in the summer sky. Drifting along slowly untouched by any of the thoughts. If thoughts bombard you, it is fine. Let them and go with them. Slowly you will see that they subside.Do not resist any thoughts, Slowly they will decrease and you will start to experience the thoughtless state.

Be with the experience. It may last only for a few seconds initially, but that is ok.

Once you feel complete ,become aware of your body and surroundings.

Slowly and gradually taking your own time , you can slowly open your eyes.



THE WALKING MEDITATION. Monks in monasteries used to do this, and still do--walk the quadrangle. You can do it too. Find yourself a set path, a circular track or a square, perhaps on a sports field, or in a large garden. Walk the path to get to know the route. Then, when you are ready, take in a slow deep breath, then let it out slowly. Be conscious of your body. Feel or sense your entire body. Then start walking slowly. While you walk mentally notice how your body is functioning. Do not judge or criticize it, just be aware of your body. Do not rush this or any other meditation. If a thought comes into your head which says: “This is silly,” or “I have to get the dog to the vet,” push them gently away, and resume your walking. After 10 or 15 minutes, stop, and get on with your life.

THE EATING MEDITATION This is good for losing weight, and other things. It’s also best to do it alone, for obvious reasons. When you are ready to eat your meal, sit at the table. Take a slow deep breath and then let it out slowly. Then start eating your meal. As you take a mouthful, be conscious of the way you are chewing your food. Be conscious of how the food tastes. As you eat, allow your mind to explore the origin of your food. Do not rush this or any other meditation. As you eat and conduct this meditation, you will find your eating process slowing down, and you may feel full before the end of your meal. Know that it is all right to leave food on your plate. Do this meditation once a day, and after 14 days, you will find yourself adopting a different approach to eating and relaxing.

MEDITATION ON THE ORIGIN OF THINGS. Everything was created. Think about that. Sit in a place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Mentally watch your body breathing in and breathing out. Don’t try to change anything. After a minute or so, you’ll notice that your body will start to slow down. It is relaxing. Now, focus on a particular object in the room. It may be a china cup, a table cloth, an ornament, a picture, a piece of furniture. As you regard the object, allow your mind to wander back to the origin of the object., wander right back. Take a china cup, for example. Think of the time it was clay in the ground. Who were the people who dug the clay? Where and how was it processed ? Who designed the cup? One person or a team. Was the cup made in a factory? Who worked on it? Allow these thoughts to flow. Who or what painted the cup? How was it baked? Packed? How was it transported to the warehouse...the store. Who priced it? Why did you buy it? You do not have to be accurate in your answers. Simply allow the thoughts to flow. If you find yourself getting off track, bring your attention back again. If you wish to close your eyes at any time, do so. When you are finished, take in a slow deep breath, and as you breathe out tell yourself: “Wide awake.” And be wide awake.

HOW TO SEE YOURSELF IN A PAST LIFE. You may have been intrigued by the thought of how you appeared in a past life. Here’s an interesting technique you can perform if you are on an upscale vibration.

Find yourself a small room that can be completely blacked out. You will need a full length mirror, an open candle in a safe holder, a small table, an upright chair with arms for comfort. Position the mirror by a wall. Next, place the chair about six to eight feet away directly facing the mirror. Now place the candle on the table and place about two or three feet away from you at a 45 degree angle. Light the candle. When you sit in the chair, you should not be able to see the candle flame in the mirror but the light from the candle will illuminate your face. When you are ready turn off the regular room lights and sit in the chair.

Spend a couple of minutes sitting quietly, mentally watching your breathing. Keep your eyes closed. Don’t try to change anything, simply observe your breathing. Then say softly to yourself: “With every breath that I take I go deeper and deeper into relaxation.” When you feel totally relaxed, open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror – without comment, opinion – simply observe yourself impartially. Then tell yourself, “I would like to see myself as I appeared in a past life.”

Then, simply do nothing. After a short while, perhaps a few seconds or a minute or two, you will witness your face changing. Observe whatever happens impartially. Make some mental notes on whatever you see or feel. If you do not get excited, and simply observe quietly, the scene may well change into another appearance, and another. When you feel you have had enough, say “Thank you” to the Universe. Take in a deep breath and as you breath out say out loud: “Wide awake! I am wide awake.”

Sit quietly for a few minutes, then turn on the main lights, make some notes of your experience – and blow out the candle. Please note: Perform this exercise when you feel positive about yourself.