Have you had any encounters with Fairies?

The truth is that most of us have had encounters with the Faerie Realm but did not realize it at the time.

Have you ever seen movements out of the corner of your eyes that could not be explained? This usually occurs when contact is beginning to open more clearly.
Do you know that talking to your plants help them to grow? The spirit in the plant responds to you.
As a child did you have an imaginary friend? Most children's imaginary friends are drawn to the child because of their openness.
Do you find things disappearing and reappearing around your house frequently? Those of this realm often do this to get our attention
Do-you dream of strange beasts and places? They can reflect on travels from this realm.
Are your favourite times of the day dawn and dusk? 
Are your favourite times of the year the equinoxes and the solstices? 
These are powerful times for Faerie Realm experiences.

When we experience the Faerie Realm, we do so through the five senses. We may see flickering lights around plants or shadowy faces in the trees. We may hear the whispered voices of the pine as a breeze brushes through it, or we may hear music from unexplained sources. A tinkling of bells is a common sound experience. We may also feel their presence. They stimulate goose bumps. We get a chill or a change of pressure in the air around us. We get that "fly walking through the hair" kind of feeling. One of the strongest senses by which we experience them is through the sense of smell. Have you ever walked down the street and caught the fragrance of a flower or tree? Most traditions teach that this is a greeting. Extend a greeting back. The more you acknowledge the greetings, the stronger they will become around you.