Fairies Relate to Candles

You can attract fairies to your home by baking honey cakes or put some honeyed milk or plain milk and sweet butter in a bowl or on a plate and leave on side in your kitchen.
Don’t be dismayed if when you get up in the morning it looks as though it hasn’t been touched, you can be assured that the fairy will have taken nourishment from the essence of the food.

House fairy (elves, pixies, brownies) are very fussy about the homes they choose to live in, they will only choose clean and clutter free homes, they may also lend a helping hand.
The moral of this is a happy home is a home with a fairy.

Here are some candles that fairies like and using them in your spiritual ritual work might aid your energies.

Magenta Colour Candle: Using this candle will offer quicker actions/results in what you are doing.

Yellow Colour Candle: This candle relates to the air elements, mental actives, the ever changes of how the mind moves in and out of thought frames so developing the mental patterns with in thoughts.

White Colour Candle: Purications, calmness and peace, celerity.

Red Colour Candle: This is the fire elements so you would use this candle for love, sexual needs, gives more courage to one, determinations in personal quests.

Gold Colour Candle: Relates to Solar Face, the drive to initiate things such as money and prosperity, good luck.< br> Black Colour Candles: Absorbs negative energies and will produce binding effects.

Dark Blue Colour Candle: Element is water, open and moving energy like ripples of waves, emotional things so would relate to our emotional health, expels depressions, spiritual emotions awakening.

Green Colour Candle: Earth energies so will work with energies of fortune, fertility energies so thus expanding nature, leprechauns, gnomes and elves are said to relate to this colour so what is gained often there must be a sacrifice, so there is a need for balance of what one wishes for.

Orange Colour Candle: This candle relates to how you feel about yourself (self-esteem), orange relates to fire element so courage to untaken tasks in personal life and when you feel confident about yourself you feel like you can take on the world.

Pink Colour Candle: This candle offers to let in love and only allows positive things to enter, so working with this candle will offer you new hope and positive outlooks and when this happens by changing how you emotionally feel you attract more to you.

There are many other colours but these are a few to get you started.