Feng Shui Garden Tips

The concept of elements exists everywhere in the universe. The Chinese recognize five...

In your garden 
FIRE would be vibrant red and gold flowers, 
EARTH..yellow flowers and the dirt..
METAL...white flowers and stones, 
WATER..blue flowers and anything liquid, and 
WOOD is any bush, shrub, green plant or tree


Feng Shui describes the communication that takes place everyday between you and your garden. So, you might want to consider a color's message before selecting plants and flowers for your garden...

RED... ingites and stimulates

LAVENDER... takes away cravings

PINK... supports love

MAGENTA... sparks mental activities

PURPLE...reinforces strength and power

ORANGE... inspires fusion

SAFFRON... kindles love

TERRA COTTA... strengthens security

YELLOW... clarifies

TAN... reduces individualism

GOLD... expresses abundance

GREEN... promotes expansion and tranquility

LIME... awakens the spirit

BLUE... builds self esteem and mystery

POWDER BLUE... invites contemplation

TURQUOISE... deepens ecstasy

COLBALT... connects to a higher purpose

WHITE... is both purity and deep knowing


Ancient Feng Shui Secrets for the Garden

Ignite your career by adding red flowers near your front door.

Improve your health by removing all debris and by adding healthy green plants to the left side of your yard.

Kindle love and happiness with pink and white flowers in the right quadrant of your backyard.