How does one become more open and aware of Fairies

We can open ourselves through simple activities:

Spend time in nature. 
Meditate 'beneath a tree.
Involve yourself in a creative activity. (It doesn't matter whether you are good at it or not, as long as you have fun doing it.)
Leave an area of your yard to grow free and wild. 
Sing often. 
The nature spirits gather wherever there is song and music. As we open to this realm we will soon realize that the fairies and elves have a variety of shapes and forms. They range in size from the tiniest of pixies to great forest devas. They can be larger than a redwood or tinier than a firefly. Their shapes are changeable and they will often use glamour to show themselves only in the way they choose or the way they think you will more likely accept them.

How to recognise that Fairies are around you
Signs of Faerie Presence are

A sudden, unexplained trembling or whispering of leaves..
A whirlwind or dust devil. 
The bending of grass blades with no perceptible cause. 
Sudden, unexplained chills and goose flesh when alone in nature. 
Unexplainable losses of time.

When is the best time to find fairies 

There are places and times best for seeking out those of the Faerie Realm. These are called "'Tween Times and Places:'

They are indistinct, neither one time or another, neither one place or another. Dawn and dusk for example. They are neither day nor night. They are in-between.

Seashores and creek beds are neither part of the land nor part of the water. They are in-between.

Wherever there is an in-between time or place there is a thinning of the veils between worlds and dimensions and it is easier to experience new realms and wonders. Sometimes in life it is more important to feel than to know. By stirring some of those forgotten embers, by remembering what we felt as a child, we discover the joys and mysteries of the world. Remember that we can starve as much from a lack of wonder as we can from a lack of food. Nature and all of her spirits and beings keep the wonder in us alive. May your eyes be always open and may your hearts overflow. That which enchants will also prate' May this you always know.