Feng Shui and Lucky Money!!!

In Classical/Traditional Feng Shui, timing and direction play an important role in helping you attract money "luck." Based on the last digit of your birth year, there is a specific direction where you can store (save) money in your house. For accuracy, you will need to use a compass to determine the area as it needs to be within 15 degrees to spot. By placing a jar of spare change or an object of wealth in this area, the Chinese believe your "cosmic" money account will multiply. It's certainly worth a try!

233-247 SW
263-277 W
323-335 NW
353-7 N
53-67 NE
83-97 E
143-157 SE
173-187 S
143-157 SE
173-187 S

*Note: If you were born Jan 1 thru Feb 3, use the prior year to calculate your Lucky Money Spot

Are you IN or OUT of BALANCE?

CLUTTER: When clutter starts to accumulate in an environment, imbalance in our personal, professional and social lives always follows. This can range from health and financial challenges to struggle and conflict with friends, family, co workers, and partners. Feng Shui is the communication that takes place everyday between you and your environment. At a glance, take a look at your home, office, desk, car and briefcase and check to see if you are in or out of balance!

DE-CLUTTERING: This is the first step in reclaiming your health, vitality, energy and business! Creating a sense of harmony and peace in your space will reflect the same in your life and career. Consciously letting go of "things" that no longer serve your highest good, will invigorate and energize your personal Ch'i, and empower you to attract abundant blessings, health, wealth and good fortune in your life.