Papagoite is said to bring optimism. Historically it has been used to bring peace and purity. It helps one speak with clarity. It is also used for thought projection. In meditation, it can help bring one to a euphoric state of oneness. It is associated primarily with the third eye chakra, but also aligns all the chakras.
Pearls attune the wearer to ebb and flow of life. They are calming and centering. They give purity and promote faith, charity, and integrity, truth and loyalty. They especially enhance personal integrity. They help one connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy, and bring love energy. Pearls have been used to treat disorders of the digestive tract and muscular systems, as well as to aid fertility and to ease childbirth.
Periodot is associated with the heart chakra, and can be used to balance and stimulate that chakra. It is a stone of compassion. It has a friendly energy and is excellent for healing. It assists in rebirth and renewal of all kinds. Peridot also bring abundance and prosperity. It enhances the healing and harmony of relationships of all kinds, but particularly marriage. Peridot can lessen stress in relationships, anger and jealousy, slow aging, and heal ulcers and digestive problems. It also assists in finding what is lost, and strengthens ESP abilities. It has been said to make a shield of protection around the body of any wearer of peridot.
Petalite is sometimes called the "Stone of the Angels". It is excellent for spiritual healing. It also encourages and promotes connections to angels, spirit guides and totems. It is said to lift one to higher awareness and allow access to higher dimensions. It has been used to protect Shamans during ceremonies such as medicine wheels. It is extremely useful for astral travel and meditation because it will ground and protect you during these activities. It will also dissipate and remove negative energy and black magic spells. Petalite is also a stone of peace that can bring gentle calm in most any situation. It is also great at enhancing and increasing intuition and psychic abilities, and increases one's ability to feel subtle energies. Petalite balances yin/yang energies and aligns and balances mind/body/spirit. It is related to and works best on the throat and crown chakras.
Petoskey Stone
Petoskey Stone is a type of fossilized colony coral found only in Michigan, USA, the coral living during the Devonian period about 350 million years ago when Michigan had a warm inland sea. Because of the "eye" type configurations it shows especially when polished, it is said to mystically help stimulate the third eye and psychic awareness. Petoskey Stone is also said to keep naughty spirits from channeling incorrect information or interfering with one's life. In particular, as far as awareness, Petoskey Stoneis said to enhance awareness of the emotions, which can be a boon for dealing with emotional issues. It is also said to clear out negative energies from the aura and the environment.Additionally it's said to be a boon to creative expression of all kinds. Traditional healing folklore and crystal healing lore purport that Petoskey Stone is helpful for healing AIDS, Cancer, CFS, eyes, head, infections, infectious disease, lungs, skeletal system, and tumors of all kinds. Petoskey Stone is related primarily to the third eye chakra as well as the crown chakra.
Phenacite (Phenakite)
Phenacite, also spelled Phenakite, is often considered the highest energy crystal in existence. It is said to stimulate the Third Eye chakra very strongly, which in meditation can bring great and deep knowing. This crystal is used extensively for meditation, intuition, and psychic awareness. As a high energy crystal it also enhances and facilitates the energies of other crystals. Phenacite is used in crystal healing and Lightwork to clear, cleanse and activate all chakras, the body, energy centers, energy paths, where energy centers and paths may be those inside the body or within a community or other "body". Phenacite is also said to be able to make contact with Masters and Angelic beings of Light. Physically, phenacite is used in crystal healing lore for all types of healing as it has the extremely high vibration that can multiply the energies of other stones used in crystal healing. In folk healing it has been used for the spine, throat, hypothalamus, amygdala, carotid arteries, and jugular veins. Phenacite is associated with the upper chakras.
Phlogopite (Phlogopit) is a member of the mica group and biotite subgroup. As such it has both the properties of Mica and Biotite, plus its own distinctive properties. In the Native American tradition, Phlogopite is used to bring energy from the four directions, Mother Earth, and Father Sky. It is a stone said to bring and speed evolution and revolution in all areas, bringing one to proper paths. It is also used to remove spiritual blocks. Phlogopite is a stone of flexibility of perception and adaptation of that perception to integrate the past, present and future. It is used extensively in channeling, including blocks to conscious awareness during channeling. Emotionally, Phlogopite is said to be helpful for relieving mental anguish. Physically, Phlogopite is said in crystal healing and folklore to be beneficial for back pain, muscle relaxation, retaining teeth, integrity of bone structure, mononeucleosis symptoms.
Phosphosiderite is unusual in that it is an iron mineral, and these seldom show purples, though it also comes in more usual red, brown, or yellow colors too, as well as colorless. Phosphosiderite is an excellent healing stone, so it's often called the "Stone of Healing and Hope". It is used to assist with finding balance and stability, which can help one in everyday life as well as in healing. Phosphosiderite is also used to access and work with past life memories, and the third eye chakra.
Pietersite (aka Tempeststone)
Pietersite, sometimes known as Tempeststone, helps one see beyond the immediate to beauty in the All. It enhances courage, tenacity, and ability to maintain or create what is yours. Spiritually and psychically, pietersite helps in working with angels, experiencing visions, and precognition, relating to feminine or goddess energy, as well as astral and dimensional travel. Emotionally, pietersite helps to relax, and release deep emotions in a calmer way. Physically, pietersite balances body fluids, improves nutrition, helps with gastrointestinal functions, and helps the endocrine glands, balances female homones, alleviates PMS and menopause symptoms. Pietersite is also excellent for improving memory.
Plancheite - Plancheite is an energetic stone that raises vibrations. It is used metaphysically for design, development, worldly power, fame, strength and courage. The strength and courage is especially seen during stressful times and situations. Plancheite is a protective stone for dealing with negative energies of all kinds. Psychicly Plancheite is used to stimulate higher energy in the higher chakras for astrology divination, psychic skills, visualization and automatic writing. It is said to help bring positive energy from the planets as they move through the Houses of astrology. In crystal healing it's used for tonsilitis and coagulation of the blood.
Prasiolite is named for the Greek words "prason" meaning leek, and lithos "stone", for its leek green color. It's also called vermarine or green amethyst, and is technically a greened amethyst. In metaphysical lore, Prasiolite is a stone of originality and courage and can foster self-reliance in all situations. Prasiolite is also a prosperity stone, said to attract abundance. It can help strengthen and express emotions as well as the mind and will. It is also said to be highly beneficial for prophesy. It is used in crystal healing for cleansing the body of toxins of all kinds, tumors, stomach acid, ulcers, assimilation of nutrients, and healing the whole body from a spiritual level.
Prehnite is a very protective stone and can protect one on all levels. It strengthens the life force and generally increases and stimulates energy, while at the same time bringing powerful calming energies. Thus, prehnite is said to ease worries and restlessness of all kinds. It aids spirit communication through meditation or visualization, out-of-body travel, and is a powerful dream stone. Prehnite is also known as a stone of prophesy which stimulates inner-knowing. Physically, prehnite is helpful in the healing of gout, anemia, and kidney problems.
Psilomelane aka "Crown of Silver"
Psilomelane is a stone that is considered excellent for gazing and scrying. It is used in mysticism for out of body travel and gazing at any distance. For gazing at a distance it must be programmed beforehand in order to see things relevant to your query. It is used also for many other kinds of trances. Psilomelane is used in emotional crystal healing to recognize patterns and uncover hidden motivations. This can help one to correct emotions and behaviors that are unloving or not useful to Life. Physically, in crystal healing and folk healing, Psilomelane is used for many lung conditions including pneumonia, clearing the lungs, lung walls, as well as skin inflammations, carbohydrate conversion, insulin regulation, and diabetes. Originally Psilomelane from the Silver Crown Mine in Mexico is called "Crown of Silver", although this moniker is now used for this stone from any mine. Psilomelane is associated with the third eye chakra and linking energies between the third eye, crown, and root chakras.
Purpurite (Purperite) 
Purpurite (purperite) is a stone that helps break away from self-destructive or self-limiting patterns, as well as external restraints. It helps one speak with confidence. It increases spirituality, promotes inner growth, and stimulates the ability to absorb spiritual insights. Purpurite is also a stone that can bring prosperity and help with finances. Physically, purpurite is helpful for wounds, bruises, uric acid levels, and purifying the blood.
Pyrite is a stone of intellect and protection. It enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. It can help you tap your own latent mental talents and abilities. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, and is very grounding. Pyrite is also known as Fool's Gold and Healer's Gold. Pyrite additionally is a stone that brings energies of good luck or good fortune.
Pyromorphite is a mineral that enhances the energies of other minerals. Pyromorphite is said to attract money and other objects of wealth, and can help one see the steps to take to achieve goals, giving it the nickname "the Victory Stone". It also activates and stimulates one's personal energy. Pyromorphite can be used to get rid of creative blocks. It is also used to renew connections with people one has lost touch with. Pyromorphite should not be used directly to make elixirs. Pyromorphite is excellent for healing because of its enhancement of other stones used in crystal healing. Physically, pyromorphite is used for chills, gum disease, removing organisms from the blood, and assimilating B vitamins.